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Statistics Resources

Book of Apps for Statistical Teaching (BOAST)

A collection of apps from Penn State that are sorted by topic.

Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP)

Online data analysis software for creating multiple types of graphs. Easily import data or use an example data set. 

Guidlines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE)

Reports of recommendations for statistics education from the ASA.

National Center for Education Statistics

Provides additional resources for statistics educators, including data sets and apps. Targeted towards a younger audience. 


A collection of applets for teaching statistics.

Statistics Teacher

A resource from the ASA and NCTM to support the teaching of statistics including lesson plans and publications.

Census at School

Students can conduct class surveys and compare the results to random samples from the US and other countries.

Data USA

"The most comprehensive website and visualization engine of public US Government data" created by Deloitte, Datawheel, and a professor at the MIT Media Lab.

LiveGap Charts

Create a variety of charts in a web-based interface without creating an account. 

STatistics Education Web (STEW)

An online journal from the ASA for peer-reviewed statistics lesson plans.

(Scroll to bottom of STEW homepage for lesson plans.)

Statistics in Schools (SIS)

Classroom activities presented by the US Census Bureau that use real-world data.

What’s Going On in This Graph?

Weekly graphs presented by the ASA and New York Times Learning Network that can be used in 7-12th grade classrooms. Graphs from past weeks are also available on the site and are sorted by topic.

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