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Calculus Grapher



This manipulative provides opportunities to:

  • Explore a graphical reperesntation of the derivative and integral in an intuitive way, while simultaneously viewing a graph of the original function

  • Add different graph features and view the changes across multiple graphs

  • Display a moveable, dynamic tangent line

  • Trace the area under the curve of the original function and view the result in the graph of the integral

  • Switch between comparing the original graph to the graph of the derivative or integral in the advanced mode

  • Use the lab to view all three graphs simultaneously and compare the results, this also provides the option to view the graph of the second derivative

PhET also provides translated versions of the simulation in multiple languages, teacher created activities, and with a free account you can access their teaching resources.

What are your thoughts on this virtual manipulative? Do you have experience using it in your classroom? Please support others by rating this virtual manipulative and sharing feedback in the comments section below.

Simulation by PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder, licensed under CC-BY-4.0 (

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